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A resource for kids, parents, and teachers to find fun and educational materials related to health, science, and the environment we live in today.

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Kids building a snow person

Winter Wonders to Discover!

A chill is in the air! Warm up with some hot chocolate. Learn about the magic of mistletoe, hibernation, and much more!

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Connect the Dots

Connect the dots is a form of puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots. When a line is drawn connecting the dots the outline of an object is revealed. Try your hand at some of our Connect the dots puzzles.

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Wildlife in North Carolina

These articles cover a wide range of ecological topics and have been distributed in support of the ongoing education requirement.

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NIEHS Scholars Connect Program

The NIEHS Scholars Connect Program (NSCP) is designed to provide a unique opportunity to highly motivated science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focused undergraduate students in the Raleigh-Durham area to solidly connect with NIEHS, and receive frontier-level training in biomedical research.

grass and ladybug
illustration of a tree with birds

Environment and Health A to Z

No two people live in the exact same environment. The SOIL beneath our feet, the AIR we breathe, and the WATER flowing through our pipes and waterways can all differ greatly, depending on where we live. On top of that, each of us eats different foods, shares our space with different plants and animals, and has access to different medicines and technology.

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Image of Pathways magazine with the title What is this

Teaching Resources from NIGMS and Scholastic

NIGMS has launched our third issue of Pathways, a collection of free Scholastic resources for grades 6 through 12. This issue is all about circadian rhythms and the science of sleep—just in time for daylight saving time this weekend. The goal of NIGMS’ collaboration with Scholastic is to teach students about basic science, its importance to heath, and the many different career pathways of researchers.

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Scientists get to solve puzzles every day, because science and research involve finding solutions from the clues that we are given.

Scientists get to solve puzzles every day, because science and research involve finding solutions from the clues that we are given.

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